Environment control device and method using a wifi infrastructure for exchanging environmental data

Dispositif et procede de commande d'environnement utilisant une infrastructure wifi pour echanger des donnees environnementales


The present disclosure relates to an environment control device (ECD) and a method using a wireless communication infrastructure for exchanging environmental data. The wireless communication infrastructure comprises a first Wi-Fi hotspot, and at least one of a second Wi-Fi hotspot and a mesh network. The ECD comprises a communication module for exchanging environmental data with at least another device over the wireless communication infrastructure. The communication module is capable of establishing the first Wi-Fi hotspot, associating with the second Wi-Fi hotspot, and communicating over the mesh network. The ECD further comprises a processing module capable of processing environmental data received from the other device via the wireless communication infrastructure, and / or transmitting generated environmental data to the other device via the wireless communication infrastructure. The ECD may consist of an environment controller, a sensor, a controlled appliance, and a relay for wired devices.




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