Video decoder, video encoder, video decoding method, and video encoding method

Decodeur video, encodeur video, procede de decodage video et procede d'encodage video


A video decoder decoding an encoded stream includes a parallel entropy decoding part to entropy decode the stream of blocks in block lines in parallel, a parallel QP prediction part to compute prediction values of the blocks in the block lines in parallel, and a parallel decoding processing part to generate decoded pixels of the blocks in the block lines in parallel, the decoded pixel being obtained utilizing data decoded by the parallel entropy decoding part and the prediction value. When performing computing processing in parallel per unit of N block lines, the processing is performed on a processing block in a (K - 1)th block line preceding a processing block in a Kth block line by at least one block in a horizontal position to compute the prediction value of the processing block by referring to a block already processed corresponding to the processing block.




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