Uncooled microbolometer pixel and array for configurable broadband and multi-frequency terahertz detection

Pixel de microbolometrie non refroidi et reseau pour la detection d'une large bande configurable et d'un terahertz multifrequences


An uncooled microbolometer pixel for detection of electromagnetic radiation is provided that includes a substrate, a thermistor assembly and an absorber assembly. The thermistor assembly includes a thermistor platform suspended above the substrate, one or more thermistors on the thermistor platform, and an electrode structure electrically connecting the thermistors to the substrate. The absorber assembly includes an optical absorber over the thermistor assembly and a reflector provided under and forming a resonant cavity with the optical absorber. The optical absorber is in thermal contact with the thermistors and exposed to the electromagnetic radiation. The optical absorber includes a set of elongated resonators determining an absorption spectrum of the optical absorber. An array of microbolometer pixels is also provided, in which the resonators of different pixels can have different lengths determining different absorption spectra, thereby enabling configurable broadband and/or multi-frequency detection, in particular in the terahertz region.




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