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Drive roll carrier for welding wire feeder with gear, hub and retainer for the drive roll


A drive roll carrier (36) is provided for use with a wire feeder for a welder that includes a hub (46) that can be rotated by a gear (42) and that may include at least one lug (60) that extends longitudinally along and radially out from the hub (46) and at least one retainer (92) that extends from an outer surface of the hub (46). The retainer (92) is fixed in a longitudinal direction with respect to the hub (46) and is movable in a radial direction for allowing mounting of a drive roll onto the hub (46). An outer end of the lug (60) may include an alignment segment that has a different profile shape than the rest of the lug (60) to facilitate alignment of a mounting groove of the drive roll with the lug (60).




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