Procedes et dispositifs d'intercommunication sur la base de reseaux numeriques

Intercommunication methods and devices based on digital networks


The current invention discloses methods and devices for intercommunication between mobile terminals based on digital networks. A first mobile terminal may connect to a uniquely identified server based on a first terminal identifier corresponding to the first mobile terminal. In addition, the first mobile terminal may connect to the server through a default connection setup embedded in the first terminal identifier. By acquiring terminal identifiers corresponding to interacting mobile terminals, the first mobile terminal may establish communication channels with the interacting mobile terminals. After adding the terminal identifiers of the interacting mobile terminals to the contact lists of the first mobile terminal, different regions of the first mobile terminal may be designated to the interacting mobile terminals so that the regions may display the status of communication and serve as interfaces to control receiving, playing, recording, and transmitting digital contents encoding voice messages.




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