Dispersion par jet de gaz de materiaux fondus au moyen de gaz de degagement sous-produits

Gas atomization of molten materials using by-product off-gases


Metallurgical processes and systems for gas atomization of molten slag and/or molten metals from a metallurgical furnace are integrated with off-gas handling processes and equipment, such that the off-gases are fed to the gas atomization plant for atomizing the molten slag and/or molten metal. The use of by-product off-gases for atomizing molten slag and/or molten metals provides a number of benefits, including elimination of off-gas handling and treatment equipment, centralization and upgrading of heat via atomization to improve heat recovery, prevention of oxidation of granular products of atomization, and reduction of CO2 emissions. A process for preparing a granular product comprises: feeding a molten material and a by-product off- gas to a dispersion apparatus; and contacting the gas with the molten material in the dispersion apparatus, whereby the molten material is dispersed and solidified by contact with the gas to form the granular product.




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