Magnetic material and its manufacturing method



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide magnetic material which contributes to realizing high performance of a magnetic device. <P>SOLUTION: This method for manufacturing the magnetic material contains a process (a) which prepares composition liquid containing organometallic compound which uses metals showing ferromagnetism as the constituting elements, polyhydric alcohol and at least one kind of anionic surfactant in organic solvent whose boiling point is at least 200°C; a process (b) wherein the mole ratio (A/M), between the ferromagnetic metallic element (M) and the anionic surfactant (A) which are contained in the composition liquid, is set within the limit 3≤A/M<6, the mole ratio (P/M) between the ferromagnetic metallic element (M) and polyhydric alcohol (P) is set to be within the limit of 5<P/M<15, the composition liquid is heated under condition of not oxidizing, and an un-spherical magnetic metal particulate is formed which is a magnetic metal particulate composed of the returned ferromagnetic metallic element and has profile magnetic anisotropy; and a process (c) which collects the magnetic metal particulate. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】 磁気デバイスの高性能化に資する磁性材料を提供すること。 【解決手段】 本発明の磁性材料製造方法は、次の工程:(a)沸点200℃以上の有機溶媒中に、強磁性を示す金属を構成元素とする有機金属化合物と、多価アルコールと、少なくとも一種のアニオン界面活性剤とを含む組成液を用意する工程、ここで前記組成液中に含まれる強磁性金属元素(M)とアニオン界面活性剤(A)とのモル比(A/M)は3≦A/M<6の範囲内に設定され、且つ、強磁性金属元素(M)と多価アルコール(P)とのモル比(P/M)は5<P/M<15の範囲内に設定される;(b)前記組成液を非酸化条件下で加熱することによって、還元された前記強磁性金属元素から成る磁性金属微粒子であって形状磁気異方性を有する非球状磁性金属微粒子を形成する工程;及び(c)前記磁性金属微粒子を回収する工程;を包含する。 【選択図】 図1




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