【課題】超音波の伝播時間の測定精度を高く維持しつつ電力消費を抑制できる超音波流量計を提供する。 【解決手段】流路の上流側と下流側とに一定の距離をおいて設置された一対の超音波振動子101、102と、一対の超音波振動子の間で相互に超音波の送受信を繰り返して伝播時間を測定し、該測定により得られた上流側から下流側への超音波の伝播時間と下流側から上流側への超音波の伝播時間との差に基づいて流路を流れる流体の流量値を算出する流量計測回路110とを備えた超音波流量計において、流量計測回路から送られてくる流量値の標準偏差値を算出し、算出された標準偏差値に基づき伝播時間を測定する繰返し回数を制御する制御回路111〜114を備える。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an ultrasonic flowmeter capable of reducing the electric consumption power while highly keeping the measurement precision of the propagation time of ultrasonic waves. SOLUTION: The ultrasonic flowmeter which includes: a pair of ultrasonic oscillators 101 and 102 arranged at the upstream and the down stream keeping a certain distance and measuring the propagation time while mutually repeating transmission/reception between the pair of ultrasound oscillators; the flow rate measurement circuit 110 for measuring the value of flow rate based on the difference of propagation time between the propagation time from up stream to the down stream and from down stream to the up stream obtained by measurements; and the control circuits 111 to 114 for calculating the standard deviation of the flow rate value transmitted from the flow rate measurement circuit and controlling the repeating times of measurements of the propagation time, based on the calculated standard deviations. COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT




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