Methane fermentation apparatus for solid organic waste



【課題】固形有機性廃棄物を無希釈で効率的にメタン発酵処理できるメタン発酵装置を提供する。 【解決手段】発酵液Lを貯えた嫌気性発酵槽2の内側を有孔隔壁3により上下に仕切り、隔壁3の上方に固形有機性廃棄物Aを取り入れ、ポンプ11付き還流路10により発酵槽2内の発酵液Lを隔壁3の下方の底部から引き抜き発酵槽2の外側を介して隔壁3の上方の頂部に戻して循環させることにより固形有機性廃棄物Aをメタン発酵させる。発酵槽2の底部に発酵液Lを槽外の液面対応高さhまで上昇させて溢流させる溢流路15を設ける。更に好ましくは、発酵槽2内の隔壁3の下方に発酵液Lが透過可能な嫌気性微生物の固定床20を設ける。また、発酵槽2内の隔壁3の上方又は隔壁3上に有機性廃棄物Aの撹拌手段30を設けることができる。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a methane fermentation apparatus capable of efficiently performing methane fermentation treatment of solid organic wastes without dilution. SOLUTION: A solid organic waste A is methane-fermented by dividing an anaerobic fermentation vessel 2 storing a fermentation solution L into the upper and lower portions with a porous partition plate 3, charging the waste A above the partition plate 3, drawing the fermentation solution L from the bottom below the partition plate 3 through a reflux passage 10 equipped with a pump 11 and circulating the fermentation solution L to the top above the partition plate 3 through the outside of the fermentation vessel 2. In the bottom of the fermentation vessel 2, there is arranged an overflow passage 15 which causes the fermentation solution L to rise up to the height h corresponding to the liquid level outside the fermentation vessel 2 so as to overflow. More preferably, a fixed bed 20 of an anaerobic microorganism penetrable for the fermentation solution L is disposed below the partition plate 3 in the fermentation vessel 2. A stirring means 30 for the organic waste A may be arranged above the partition plate 3 or on the partition plate 3 in the fermentation vessel 2. COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT




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