Photomask for color filter, method of manufacturing color filter and color filter



【課題】高さの異なる2種のフォトスペーサーを同時に形成するフォトマスクで、構成が単純で廉価で、得られる第二フォトスペーサーPs−2eは適正に光硬化され、幅は任意に調節が出来、剥離し難い第二フォトスペーサーを形成するカラーフィルタ用フォトマスクPM3を提供すること。 【解決手段】高さの低いフォトスペーサー(第二フォトスペーサー)の形成に対応したフォトマスク上の開口部K2内に長方形の遮光パターンP1を設けたこと。開口部の外形が多角形で、開口部の幅W8が5.0μm〜16.0μm、長方形の遮光パターンの幅W18が1.0μm〜4.0μmであること。 【選択図】図5
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a photomask PM3 for a color filter which is for forming 2 kinds of photo-spacers each having different height at the same time, has a simple structure at a low cost, is capable of obtaining a properly photo-cured second photospacer Ps-2e, is adjsuted to an optional width and is capable of forming the second phtospacer hardly peeled off. <P>SOLUTION: A rectangular light shielding pattern P1 is provided inside an opening part K2 on the photomask corresponding to the formation of the photo-spacer (the second photo-spacer) having low height. The outside shape of the opening part is polygonal and has 5.0-16.0 μm width W8. The width W18 of the rectangular light shielding pattern is 1.0-4.0 μm. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT




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